Patient Portal Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Health365?

Health365 is an internet service provided in partnership with your GP, which gives you secure access to your own medical records and a range of time saving services.

What can I do with Health365?

Anytime and from anywhere with internet access, you can:

  • Make appointments with your GP or nurse
  • Order repeat prescriptions
  • Access the records held by your GP, including medical history, regular medications, immunisations.
  • Access the consultation notes your doctor makes about your visits
  • Monitor your test results
  • Get list of Scheduled events (due dates for checkups and follow up care)

How do I get access to Health365?

Your practice can sign you up, please talk to your receptionist. They will send you an invite by email. On receiving this email, follow the provided link to the website. Enter the provided user name and password.

What does it cost?

Your practice will advise you about their charges.

How secure is my information through the portal?

Your information is only accessible to yourself and is protected by the user name and password. You will be asked to change the initial password with your own password. We will enforce a minimum length to ensure strength. We at Health365 consider your security our highest priority. None of your health information is stored by us. We merely provide a channel, guarded by multiple layers of encryption, that connects you with the data stored by your healthcare provider. Your healthcare provider, in consultation with you, has absolute control over who can access your data

How do I change my email address

Please advise your practice of your new email address. They will update Health365.